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Welcome to All About Animals!

The All About Animals Veterinary Clinic provides companion animal veterinary services to Shawano and surrounding area.

Our mission is to glorify Jesus Christ by providing quality and compassionate care to pets and their owners.  We are a staff that acts with kindness, patience and integrity toward our patients, clients and others.



Committed to the
health of your pets

What Our Clients Say

  • Thank you Scott for saving my baby girls life. You have no idea what it means for me to be able to share many more memories with Molly. You had the up most care and respect for Molly and I. Thank you to the rest of the staff as well that assisted in Molly's emergency situation.

    -Scott ZebraBoy Arbez - Facebook User
  • Can't say enough about this vet. My dog needed emergency surgery and it was so affordable. They took good care of her and would highly recommend. They really care about your animal and not cleaning out your wallet. I'll continue to be a client for many more years to come.

    -Amanda Zwiers - Facebook User
  • I can't say enough positive things about the entire staff at All About Animals. They are thoughtful, thorough and fair. The pugs and I have since moved abroad, but we absolutely miss their attention to detail and care. This staff goes above and beyond and that is the care I want for my pets. I highly recommend their facility to anyone.

    -Kahlen Spaulding - Facebook User
  • We've had this Vet clinic since 1990, starting with Andy and Becky Barr. The practice is transferring to Dr. Bruce. He has treated my current Aussie shep/Border collie and is as knowledgeable and competent vet that Andy and Becky were all these years. I highly recommend this Vet for your dog, and he and the staff were extremely compassionate and empathetic when it was time for my Shepherd Smokey to go to Dog Star. I truly appreciated that, as I did when my Samoyed's time came. I would not go anywhere else for pet care. The charges and costs are not excessive, perhaps if you complain of the vet care charges, you cannot afford to care for a pet? Did you ever consider that?

    -Tom Berthold - Facebook User
  • I never had any problems with AAA. It is a lot expensive, but I really have no other place to compare it too for expense. Other than that no problems. I have been taking all my pets there for more than 17 years. The staff is friendly and has always given me lots of helpful information and is always consistent with what my friends tell me from their vets office.

    -Kimberly Krueger - Facebook User
  • More like All About Money. They misdiagnosed my girl for months. Just four days before I had to help lay her to rest I took her there on a Friday. They said she was eating and drinking just let her rest, she's okay. They also said her lungs were clear and heart was strong. On Monday I got her into We Care, within an hour i received a tragic diagnosis, FIP. I was told her heart was weak and her lungs were filled with fluid. X-rays showed her lungs were almost half way full. Not to mention her guts were very swollen, i mentioned that to AAA and nothing. Almost every appointment I have ever made for any of my four cats usually resulted in no answers and tons of money spent. I am still upset, this disease had been killing her for months and she had been seen at least 3 times. FIP shows up on blood tests, she always had those done as she was older, and nothing was ever said. I went into AAA to tell them they would not see my animals anymore, that they have misdiagnosed not one but three of my cats. I told them how I felt robbed and lied to. I was very polite about it as upset as I was. All I got was a smug smile, he literally smiled at me half laughed and said, " well I am sorry ". Lengthy story I could honestly go on about others. Long story short, they aren't about the animals, they are all about the money in your wallets.

    -Alisha Rose - Facebook User